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I have had this page open with the headline "3rd Blog Post" for some time now. I have written it, and deleted, and amended it, and repeated things. I figured today I would just write from the heart because this has been such an arduous process, and it feels good to let it out in word form.

Over the weekend, we had a terribly odd storm that produced two touch down tornadoes. One of them zipped right over our block, and I immediately thought... "I hope our tarp is doing it's job." The fortunate thing is we already had a meeting with our roofer set.

Fast forward to Monday, and let me just set up the scene. I had been working at the local coffee shop (it's my "hideout" for when I am up against a deadline and need some quiet and caffeine), when Richie strolls in to tell me the roofer was there. The coffee shop is nestled in between our store on Front Street and our house, and you can see both the store and the house from the alley. Richie grabs his coffee, and I pack up my work, and we both went to the back door to head to the house when the bottom falls out. Neither of us had jackets or an umbrella, so we looked at each other with that "you ready??" nod and we ran to the back door of the house, expecting to get inside to take refuge from the downpour. When we walked in the back side of the house, the rain did not stop. It felt like the first day when we walked in and surveyed all the damage all over again. Water is pouring into the first story from the second, except this time we don't have walls for it to catch anything, so it is just freely trickled down onto our heads as we walk in. We know the roofer is on the front porch waiting for us, so we run through the front door to let him in and in the foyer are several upturned dead "water bugs." In the south we love to make things seem less scary, so we affectionately euphemize things like giant flying prehistoric cockroaches by calling them "water bugs." I remember that the bug man is still coming monthly to spray the house, and the yard and do his termite checks, but in the moment all I could see were upturned giant cockroaches in my once pretty foyer. Thankfully the roofer has a plan of action, tells us he has "seen worse," and assures us we will have a roof next month. Praise Jesus!

I don't know if it's all the caffeine I had at the coffee shop coupled with the extra cardio running in the rain, but when we finished with the roofer and headed back to the shop before picking up Baker from school, my hands went numb, and I started feeling wobbly. I recounted the story to my mother in law that night after dinner, and hopefully y'all know me well enough by now that I would not share all of this crazy negative without covering it totally in positive.

Vicki whom I affectionately call my "roommate" since she is letting us crash while we figure the house thing out looked at me and said "Christina, The Lord doesn't give us the whole picture. You have to get little bits of information at the time so that you can trust Him along the way." WOW! What a completely true and perfect thing she had just said to me. In all of my haste of trying to do this all on my own, I had forgotten that God wants to be a part of every bit of our lives. She went on to say "He knows exactly how many hairs are on your head, and He cares about all of the details, not just the big stuff." WOW, WOW, WOW! I have been taking this project on my own shoulders, and trying to "type-A" it into perfection.
So to end in positive. We have our certificate of appropriateness from the town to proceed with a roof, we have a roofer, and we have a plan to get the inside put back together. When that will happen, and when insurance will finally pony up... well that is in God's hands. Also, I hope that if you're going through your own "rainy house" today, that these words some how encouraged you!

Here's a photo of one of my favorite sunrises I captured, and my favorite Bible verses to hopefully uplift you! I know I needed it! :)


Sunrise on a Rainy Day

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."