Atlantic Beach Feature

Today we're touring a home we did several years ago, and recently made a few updates to.  We couldn't resist taking a few pictures of it and sharing it with all of you!  We're huge fans of the fresh light, all the blue and white, and the wonderful family who lives here even more!
Some design tips from this client feature would be to take into consideration the colors and textures. We loved how this client choose a big patterned rug but decided to pair it with a more minimalistic couch and chairs. The pillows on the couch brought in the same colors while adding a different pattern to catch the eye. Moving to the blue arm chairs a more natural texture was brought in from the braided natural fiber pillow. With the classic touches of wood like the side tables and coffee table it all came together perfectly. Finally, we loved adding an accent of gold with the beautiful patterned lamps. 

Beaufort Feature

Our Beaufort feature is all about adding a little bit of "new" to freshen up your "existing".  Mix both of those together and you really start to get the feeling of a "Well Collected House".  

Our feature this month is a Beaufort Waterfront Residence.  The Gold's are some of the sweetest humans you could ever meet and we only wish you could sit down and meet them too!

Client Q & A:

How would you describe your style?  My style is just years of collecting items that catch my eye. Maybe traditional with a twist? I appreciate all colors as you can see. Right now I am in love with anything blue!
How long have you been at the Crystal Coast? We have had a home on the coast since 1985. 
What do you enjoy most about living at the Coast (Specifically Beaufort)? I love everything about Beaufort. Small town but has everything!
Is there a favorite "piece" in your home sourced through Beaufort Linen Co.? I especially like the tortoise tray and blue pillows.
What was your main goal in using Beaufort Linen and Christina's expertise? I wanted someone young and local. Her store always caught my eye. We really used everything since this was an update instead of complete redo. Love Christina and love everything we did together. Always look to to the young for guidance!

Morehead City Client Feature

We are truly so fortunate to get to do what we love every single day with such amazing clients.  We love it so much we have decided our goal this year is to share little "peeks" of our Beaufort Linen homes with you.  
Our first edition features a home located in Morehead City, North Carolina. Our key focus to designing the spaces in this home were maintaining a style that was crisp, clean and inviting. This project started simply with the intent to transform a daughter's bedroom into an appealing and inviting living space.
"One thing turned into another...and our house became a home thanks to BLC!"  -Owner
"Christina was able to create a room for my daughter that far exceeded her expectations.  Christina works hard to keep things within budget and has an eye for inexpensive things that look like a million bucks!"
Client Q & A:
Is there a certain style or "feel" you are trying to accomplish in your home? I don't have a particular "style", but my main goal for the house was for it not to be junky! I wanted everything to be clean, easy to take care of, and nothing to obstruct the water views! I am a practical person, and wanted things to be pretty, but also functional without breaking the bank.
Do you have a favorite room or space in your home that Beaufort Linen designed?  My two favorite rooms are the master bedroom because it is crisp and soothing, but at the same time, I also love my daughter's room because it is unexpected and the exact opposite of my room. (I told you I don't have a particular style!! I love it all when it is done well!!) Really, I love my whole house! It is so very comfortable and inviting.
What do you love most about the location of your home?  The thing I love most about Morehead is it has everything you need....great shopping, restaurants, boating, beaches, but just enough grunge to keep it from having a stuffy, "fancy" beach feel.  Who wants to be fancy when they are at the beach? Not me!

Interested in seeing the full feature and shopping this "look"?  Send us a message at to be added to our mailing list!  We promise you'll be the first to know about our exclusive events, deals, and Client Features. ;)