Beholding and Becoming: A Guided Companion, Journal

This beautiful guided companion to Ruth Chou Simons' Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship is a thoughtfully designed way to engage in deliberate soul-work—to linger longer in God's Word and reflect on developing a deeper relationship with the Savior. This companion will guide you on a journey of becoming more like Christ as you behold Him in your daily life: 144 pages of insightful study questions with room for notes to prompt personal growth 50 scripture verses featured to encourage you to meditate and reflect on God’s work in your everyday life Ruth’s intricate and uplifting hand-painted artwork on every page Whether used on its own or alongside Becoming and Beholding, this companion creates space for God's Word to transform your life as you direct your heart toward worship in the everyday moments of life.

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