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Interested in the possibility of working with the Beaufort Linen Interiors Design Team? Let us know! We would love for you to fill out this form below so we can hear more about your project and discuss the opportunity of working with you!

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Learn About Our Process

Step 1 - Discovery 
Each design project begins with the completion of our Design Questionnaire. Next we follow up with a comprehensive phone call to discuss your needs. We like to discuss your needs, schedule, and budget to make sure we are the perfect fit. 

Step 2 - Meeting
Meeting in your space allows the design team to take photographs, measure, and get an idea of what you ultimately want. We love to hear your ideas, see what you have, and find your aesthetic. We take inventory of items that you would like to keep or toss and discuss how you will ideally live in your newly designed home. 

Step 3 - Design Plan 

Taking from the previous two steps, our team works to come up with a plan and curates what your space needs. We look at furniture, wallcoverings, lighting, accessories, art, space planning, and much more. The next meeting from here will be the initial presentation of what our design team has come up with so far. This is to help you visualize what your space will ultimately look like. 

Step 4 - Acquirement 
In step 4 we begin acquiring each individual piece. Our team works to thoroughly meet all of your spaces needs. This phase of the process can be extensive and range in time. We work to figure out ship dates while also meeting your time frame. This is when final decisions need to be made and we have a set schedule for the finish date.

Step 5 - Install
As pieces start to come in and the process moves along we work through every detail. When the move in date arrives, our team and movers come together to work on installing your final selections/furniture. We communicate with you through every step and look forward to the final reveal.

Step 6 - Final Reveal 
Our design team adds the final touches and we reveal the space to you! We hope after the time spent together that you find your space to be functional and perfect. Its important to the BLC Design Team that you are happy and love what we have created and worked so hard on. We hope you find your version of 
- A Well Collected House -