"Historic Beaufort: A Unique Coastal Village Preserved" by Mary Warshaw

Title: "Historic Beaufort: A Unique Coastal Village Preserved"
Author: Mary Warshaw
*About the Book* 
This 200-page volume focuses on 285 historic homes built from the late 1770s to the early 1900s - 150 plaqued homes and 135 historic homes yet to be plaqued—all presented street-by-street, with images and histories of the families who called them home. Also included are historic sites and buildings. 

Special pages present an overview of Beaufort's history, as well as more research on the Coree Indians, Taylor's Creek, Piver's Island, Gallant's Channel, the Rachel Carson Reserve, and the Beaufort's bridges.
Through the study of deeds, family records and other sources, I was able to discover more accurate dates for many of the historic homes, including the Hammock House; four pages are dedicated to this discovery, concluding that the Hammock House was built in 1800 by Samuel Leffers.

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